This week, we bring Peter Rouse into the spotlight! Peter is a Senior Associate at Rouse Lawyers and has been at the firm for 12 years. His area of practice is in corporate / commercial law.

Why law?

After graduating my law degree, I travelled to Canada for the winter ski season. After extending my stay for 12 months and travelling all across Canada, USA and Central America, I returned to Australia to join my older brother at Rouse Lawyers, who had just started the firm.

What’s the best part about being a lawyer?

The best part about being a lawyer is the relationship I build with my clients as I join them on the entirety of their business journey. I work with them from their initial start up phase, all the way throughout as they mature and develop and ultimately get sale ready. I truly enjoy celebrating their success when they sell/exit.

How are you finding the M&A world in theses post covid times?

Post Covid times for me have been very busy. There are obviously some industries in a state of difficulty but my experience with my clients and the industries they are involved in things have never been busier!

What’s your greatest career achievement?

Two major pieces of work stand out for me.

Firstly, a sale of a tech business who were my clients for over 10 years. Seeing their business grow in front of my eyes and going through an extended negotiation on the sale to finally get it settled was an enjoyable journey.

The other was successfully transitioning a large multi-national franchise system into a distribution network. With over 100 units, the work involved was at times tiresome but the end result for the client (and me, by extension) was great.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself

I guess you would describe me as eclectic.

I was an Amateur Boxer in my younger years and won a Queensland State championship.

I am also a deep thinker and keen creative writer. I even studied a Masters degree in writing, and wrote, directed and produced a number of short films.

Which sport’s team do you support?

I support the Canberra Raiders……. Tragically.

*Viking Clap*