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What makes a great commercial lawyer?

A great commercial lawyer is an expert in providing pragmatic and timely legal advice to businesses in various types of commercial transactions. The best commercial lawyers also develop strong and lasting relationships with their clients and should add value to your business going forward.

Key attributes to look for:

Desire to build a strong lasting relationship: any good lawyer will want to gain a deep understanding of your business and develop and nurture a relationship with you. They’ll do so by working hand in hand with you, your accountant and other advisers to provide well-rounded advice in commercial transactions as and when they arise.

Proactive: a great commercial lawyer will also be proactive and ensure that you are offered advice early that either adds value or prevents risk to your business.

Legal knowledge and ability to guide

The lawyer you choose should have a thorough understanding of commercial law, including contract law, intellectual property law, and corporate law. They should be able to provide guidance on legal issues related to business operations, transactions, and disputes.

Analysis and problem-solving skills

A great commercial lawyer should be able to analyse complex legal issues and come up with effective solutions and options for you. They should be able to identify potential legal risks and provide practical and easy to understand advice on how to mitigate them.

Communication and negotiation skills

A good commercial lawyer should be a great communicator, not only with you and your other advisers but also with other legal professionals. They will also be skilled in the art of negotiation and represent you fearlessly in negotiations.

Business acumen and curiosity

They should have a deep understanding of how businesses operate and ideally in the industry you operate in. A great commercial lawyer is generally curious about your business and will demonstrate an eagerness to understand the best way they can help your business succeed.


Your lawyer should be in your corner over the business lifecycle and deliver you results. You’ll find any experienced commercial lawyer is often involved from the early stages of a new business right up until it is sold for the maximum value.

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