What your Business Lawyer Does

When selling your business there are many legal factors to consider, and if you are considering selling your business you should seek advice and guidance from a business lawyer well in advance.

A Brisbane based business lawyer will have intimate knowledge of how businesses are valued, and the skillset and expertise to prepare the necessary documentation. Doing these things will help ensure you receive the best possible outcome from the transaction. Skipping this step or trying to negotiate a business contract yourself, without the assistance of a business lawyer, may see your contract fall over, or see you having to deal with unexpected and unwanted problems.

Do I need a business lawyer?

There are many advantages a business lawyer can bring to the table that can assist with the sale of your business. An experienced business lawyer can protect your best interests by providing efficient, strategic advice throughout the entire process.
There are a few key steps involved in selling a business that requires professional advice.

Document preparation

A business lawyer acting on your behalf can provide advice regarding how to structure the sale of your business, and prepare the necessary documentation to ensure that the transaction gives effect to your best interests. It is critical that the terms and conditions of the sale of your Queensland business are set out clearly. A Brisbane business lawyer will be familiar with the overall processes involved in buying and selling local businesses, providing you with confidence that all of the paperwork will be prepared to ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly.

Transfer duty & taxes

When selling a business in Queensland there are often transfer duty consequences, and knowing the ins and outs of what’s involved calls for an experienced business lawyer. Understanding exactly what your obligations are from the outset is critical, and your business lawyer will work with your accountant to ensure you are receiving the best possible outcome.

Legal obligations

There are a range of legal obligations which arise in every business transaction, and these must be considered and balanced by obtaining legal advice. Employing the services of a team who understand the implications associated with the sale of your business, particularly in Queensland, is essential.
Making the decision to partner with an experienced business lawyer will help ensure your transaction is on the road to success. Our experienced team takes the time to get to know businesses, and what is important to them. By doing this, we understand how to get the best possible result for our clients.

If you are considering selling your Queensland based business, contact one of our business lawyers and make an appointment to discuss your needs today.