Our Capabilities

We work together with our clients to provide valuable legal advice from the commencement of an employment relationship through to its end.  We draw upon the expertise of our Corporate & Commercial, Commercial Litigation and Intellectual Property lawyers to deliver pragmatic and commercial solutions based on our clients’ individual needs and focuses.

Further, Rouse Lawyers has considerable experience in:

  • protecting our clients’ interests in their intellectual property;
  • maintaining confidential business information; and
  • protecting information and customer goodwill after an employee leaves.

Rouse Lawyers represents clients in disputes relating to termination and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), breach of contract (including intellectual property issues), restraint of trade and matters arising under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

Our team of lawyers are experienced in:

  • preparing employment and contractor agreements tailored to our clients’ specific business needs;
  • advising on employee versus contractor issues;
  • preparing exit agreements and deeds of release;
  • protection of intellectual property and confidential information in the employment/contractor environment;
  • drafting restraint of trade clauses and providing advice in relation to enforcement;
  • advising large and small businesses in relation to employment disputes, including unfair dismissal claims and breach of contract matters; and
  • acting for clients in the litigation of employment law matters, including court appearances, mediation and compulsory conferences.

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