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You Probably Know It by Now:

You need a startup lawyer to cover your bases.
Not just any lawyer.
You need a lawyer with a tech background, a lawyer who cut his teeth in a startup world more than once.
In fact, many times.
Someone who understands the environment, the pace, and the nature of a startup business.
Someone you can relate to.
Someone you can call and say, mate, I need my startup protected.
What can you do for me?

We Have a Startup Lawyer for You

Matt Shearing
Rouse Lawyers’ Tech Saber for Everything from Blockchain Networks to EULAs.
And then some
(business law, intellectual property, litigation)

Of course, Matt is not alone in this game.
He’s backed up by a team of commercial and litigation lawyers ready to help you plant your startup firmly on its feet.

What Our Startup Lawyer Can Do for You

Led by Matt Shearing, the team at Rouse Lawyers can help you with:

What Our Previous Clients Said About Us

Client Reviews

“The team at Rouse Lawyers has been fantastic.”

The team at Rouse Lawyers has been fantastic. As a new technology startup, we had some unique requirements around licensing
and partner agreements, trademarking as well as off-shore contractor agreements. Matthew and Patrick have been great to deal
with – not only from an advice perspective but also delivering these agreements in a timely manner. Dealing with Rouse Lawyers
has allowed us to concentrate on our business knowing the legal side is in good hands.

Gareth Beachy-Head

“We have no hesitation in recommending the firm”

“At Smarterapps, we deal with a lot of new and exciting concepts – legal advice is very important. Having worked with Rouse
Lawyers, we have no hesitation in recommending the firm to our own valued clients for the best legal advice and representation

Craig Aitken

“Rouse Lawyers assisted our fast-growing commercial fit-out and building business for around 4 years. We have called upon
the firm’s expertise in intellectual property, software development and contract negotiation matters.”

Jim Hardy
Urban Office

“We consider Rouse part of our team, and highly recommend them”

“Given the nature and size of our clients, we are constantly dealing with the big end of town when it comes to law firms.
Matthew’s strategic advice has been utilised in negotiating software development agreements for our 3D interactive rendering
engine, structuring our IP, employment matters, recoveries and corporate advice. We consider Rouse part of our team, and
highly recommend them as a commercial law firm.”

Ben Powell
Roam Interactive