Peter Rouse, Rouse Lawyers Associate and team leader of Franchising, is producing his first short film, Respite. Rouse Lawyers has now joined the team as executive producer.

The film is affiliated with Vision Australia, a charity that supports the blind community. The producers will be donating a portion of the profits made from the film to Vision Australia for all their help authenticating the script and promoting the film.

By pledging on the link below, you will not only help realise this wonderful story, you will also be contributing to a wonderful cause!

The ultimate goal of the film’s team is to have the film shown at film festivals both domestically and intentionally, including Cannes and Sundance.

Respite follows the story of Dominic, a blind man suffering depression and insomnia. When he dreams visually for the first time, he becomes addicted to sleeping (pills), citing God for his good fortune. Meanwhile, he neglects a newfound friendship with Hope. Torn between dreams and reality, life and death, can Dominic be saved and assume responsibility for his own deliverance?

Respite is a story of hope in the face of darkness and the prevailing power of an individual’s will. It is about the isolation we all share, a correlation between despair and faith, and a struggle between rationality and spirituality.