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Christopher Andary

Special Counsel - Property and Commercial Law

Bringing a business focus to employment law

Effective implementation of employment law is one of the most crucial factors for anyone’s business life. Whether you’re already at the top or working your way up the ladder, you need quality legal guidance to ensure you meet your obligations and encourage the right conditions for ongoing growth and development.

When you need a dynamic, pragmatic employment lawyer for your Brisbane enterprise, choose Rouse Lawyers. Our team offers streetwise, business-savvy commercial law services from legal experts with real world experience.

Employment Lawyers Driven by Client’s Needs

Sophisticated, responsive employment law allows businesses to cover all ‘legal bases’ whilst putting in place a solid foundation for future growth.

Rouse Lawyers represents business clients across the country and around the world from our base in Brisbane, Australia.

Our team offers comprehensive employment law services, but can also link you with experts across taxation law, franchising law or estate planning to ensure you reap all the benefits of your investments.

What Can Our Employment Lawyer Do for You

As one of the leading commercial law firms in Brisbane, Rouse Lawyers covers all aspects of employment law, including:

  • preparing employment and contractor agreements tailored to our clients’ specific business needs
  • advising on employee versus contractor issues
  • preparing exit agreements and deeds of release
  • protection of intellectual property and confidential information in the employment/contractor environment
  • drafting restraint of trade clauses and providing advice in relation to enforcement
  • advising large and small businesses in relation to employment disputes, including unfair dismissal claims and breach of contract matters
  • acting for clients in the litigation of employment law matters, including court appearances, mediation and compulsory conferences

Employment law can be a minefield with serious consequences for employers and employees if legal responsibilities are not adequately managed.

As a business owner, your team is your most valuable asset – be sure you’re providing them every opportunity to support and augment your vision. A commercial lawyer can work with you to ensure everyone, including you, gets a fair deal.

We look forward to discussing how our employment lawyers can work with you to optimise your business development and financial opportunities, in Brisbane and beyond.

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Christopher Andary

Special Counsel - Property and Commercial Law

Client Reviews

“We highly recommend Rouse Lawyers.

Rouse Lawyers acted for us in the sale of our software business, Precision Mining, to Micromine, a global mining software company. It was a substantial transaction and one in which we (the founding owners) relied on the Rouse M&A team to guide us through the process. We were very impressed with their efforts and tenacity in what was a complex and extensive negotiation process. We highly recommend Rouse Lawyers not only for their M&A expertise but also generally for growing SME’s in the technology space.”

“It’s hard to find good lawyer that understands a “tech” business – Rouse Lawyers are that firm…

“A Big Thank You” to Matthew & the Team at Rouse Lawyers – have assisted me & my business in so many different legal items – from wills to buying property/structuring our business/trademarks/negotiating large deals/spam/privacy issues/lease on our 4 different offices… It’s hard to find good lawyer that understands a “tech” business – Rouse Lawyers are that firm… so skilled in many areas.”

“We have relied on good advice from Rouse Lawyers.

We believe software is driving the world forward. Disruption is happening in every industry and it is our clients who are proactively integrating software into their businesses, to set a whole new standard around the way business is done. We are a business that is growing rapidly and know the importance of good legal advice, which is why we have relied on Rouse Lawyers. Focusing on creating digital platforms on which our clients can innovate to ensure they are the ones modernising, is what gets us out of bed in the mornings.”

“I would recommend Rouse Lawyers for any business.

Young Guns has engaged Rouse Lawyers for all legal requirement/advice for the past 10 years. They have been on our business journey from 10 employees to 450 employees. Matt and Peter have always showed a personal interest in our business success and therefore made many recommendations for short term and long term strategies. I would be happy to recommend Rouse Lawyers for any business looking for a legal partner who they can trust and can provide ongoing, up to date advice.”

“Their knowledge of franchising is comprehensive

I have tried several of the larger law firms at the big end of town but found their services to be quite bland and predictable. Rouse Lawyers’s style of operation suits me much better, their knowledge of franchising is comprehensive, and just as importantly, their thinking is distinctly street wise and entrepreneurial.”

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