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Cyber Alert


Your online safety is front of mind for us here at Rouse Lawyers. That is why we ask you to read the following Cyber Alert carefully.

Hackers are targeting individuals across Australia by impersonating law practices or other parties involved in the legal process. This is done by altering electronic communications such as emails, faxes, social media and other instant messaging platforms, SMS, electronic file sharing and various other online platforms.

Please adhere to the following Dos and Don’ts to reduce your risk of being affected.

Do Not

Transfer any amount, especially figures over $10,000.00 AUD (or equivalent) without verbally confirming the transfer details with the apparent original sender.

Transfer of funds includes sending, depositing or paying a transfer online or via the bank itself. It is imperative you validate the transfer information before proceeding with the transfer or passing this information on to someone else.

When validating the transfer details with the original sender, you must verbally confirm the account number, BSB number, transfer amount and any applicable reference numbers by asking the sender to read them out to you and then repeating them back to confirm.


Ensure you are phoning a verified number.

When calling to discuss any sensitive information, such as payment, only use the phone number provided by a verified source. You will find our best contact number at the top of this page.Hackers will include a fake number in their communications so it is imperative you do not call the number from a transfer request but instead find one from a reliable source such as our direct website or via the phonebook.

Contact Rouse Lawyers immediately if you have any doubts.

Should you receive any dubious forms of communications whether that be physical mail or electronic communications requesting a transfer of funds or other sensitive information contact us to confirm its validity.

Pass on this information.

Give the same warnings to anyone else known to be connected to the matter and anticipated to be involved in transferring or receiving any funds or funds transfer information (including but not limited to, agents, brokers, family members, accountants).

Check the legitimacy of communications.

Contact the sender to check legitimacy before you open attachments, click on hyperlinks or download buttons in unexpected emails.

Verbally confirm sensitive information.

Contact Rouse Lawyers via the phone to verbally confirm any changes to your bank account details.


Rouse Lawyers will not transfer money out of our practice until we are able to verify any funds transfer information by a voice call to confirm those details. This includes reading out and reading back the account and BSB numbers or other specific payment details where applicable.

Please ensure you are available to be contacted if you need any funds transferred by a specific time, otherwise your objectives may not be met.

Client Reviews

“We highly recommend Rouse Lawyers.

Rouse Lawyers acted for us in the sale of our software business, Precision Mining, to Micromine, a global mining software company. It was a substantial transaction and one in which we (the founding owners) relied on the Rouse M&A team to guide us through the process. We were very impressed with their efforts and tenacity in what was a complex and extensive negotiation process. We highly recommend Rouse Lawyers not only for their M&A expertise but also generally for growing SME’s in the technology space.”

“It’s hard to find good lawyer that understands a “tech” business – Rouse Lawyers are that firm…

“A Big Thank You” to Matthew & the Team at Rouse Lawyers – have assisted me & my business in so many different legal items – from wills to buying property/structuring our business/trademarks/negotiating large deals/spam/privacy issues/lease on our 4 different offices… It’s hard to find good lawyer that understands a “tech” business – Rouse Lawyers are that firm… so skilled in many areas.”

“We have relied on good advice from Rouse Lawyers.

We believe software is driving the world forward. Disruption is happening in every industry and it is our clients who are proactively integrating software into their businesses, to set a whole new standard around the way business is done. We are a business that is growing rapidly and know the importance of good legal advice, which is why we have relied on Rouse Lawyers. Focusing on creating digital platforms on which our clients can innovate to ensure they are the ones modernising, is what gets us out of bed in the mornings.”

“I would recommend Rouse Lawyers for any business.

Young Guns has engaged Rouse Lawyers for all legal requirement/advice for the past 10 years. They have been on our business journey from 10 employees to 450 employees. Matt and Peter have always showed a personal interest in our business success and therefore made many recommendations for short term and long term strategies. I would be happy to recommend Rouse Lawyers for any business looking for a legal partner who they can trust and can provide ongoing, up to date advice.”

“Their knowledge of franchising is comprehensive

I have tried several of the larger law firms at the big end of town but found their services to be quite bland and predictable. Rouse Lawyers’s style of operation suits me much better, their knowledge of franchising is comprehensive, and just as importantly, their thinking is distinctly street wise and entrepreneurial.”

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